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The Restaurant aims to provide an enjoyable atmosphere to help you celebrate any occasion, or just to relax and unwind after work. If order to help us do that in a safe manner, please adhere to the following policies:

  •  Dress code: no tank tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, flip-flops, excessively revealing clothes, work clothes, workout clothes, or dirty/smelly clothes are permitted on the premises. Golf shirts, tennis shoes, and dress sneakers or jeans are permissible.

  •  Please respect the Restaurant, its employees, and other patrons. The following actions are strictly prohibited on the premises:

       o Hostile, unsafe, hazardous, rowdy, disruptive, disturbing, or intoxicated behavior of any kind.

       o Any actions that pose a threat to the health or safety of other patrons or Restaurant workers.

       o Harassment of other patrons or Restaurant workers.

       o Damage or destruction of Restaurant property or property of other patrons.

       o Theft, possession or consumption of any illegal drugs, and any other illegal activities.

       o Smoking and/or vaping.

  •  Pets or animals of any kind are not permitted on the premises, with the exception of guide
    signals or service dogs or other aid animals. The care and supervision of a service dog or aid animal is solely the responsibility of its owner, and out-of-control animals and their owners may be asked to leave the premises.

  •  You recognize that the Restaurant conducts video surveillance and/or recording of its public locations and areas for the safety of its patrons and employees. By entering the premises you consent to such video surveillance and/or recording and agree that it is not an invasion of your privacy.

  •  The Restaurant is not responsible for any items that are misplaced, lost or stolen on the premises, regardless of whether they have been left with the Restaurant workers or any other individuals. Please take care of your personal belongings.

  •  We reserve the right to refuse access, admission and/or service to anyone, including, without limitation, if the premises have reached their legal capacity, are closed for a private event, or outside of regular business hours.

  •  We reserve the right to request anyone to leave the premises, suspending and/or revoking their access privileges. Refusal of access, admission and/or service shall not entitle patrons to any refund and shall not entitle patrons to disregard their financial obligations already incurred. Patrons refusing to leave or to satisfy their financial obligations, when so requested, will be referred to law enforcement.

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